"The VIOLET FLAME is one of the greatest little-known spiritual tools on the planet, and a tremendous gift from God to Mankind."

~ Master Saint Germain

Dear Spiritual Friend,

The above quote from Master Saingt Germain just about say’s it all.

But what is the Violet Flame?

It's an aspect of God's light and energy, also known as the flame of forgiveness or the mercy flame.

What does the violet color indicate?


Science has demonstrated that of the seven major colors of the visible spectrum, violet has the highest frequency and is at the point of transition to the next octave of light vibration.

Amethyst gemstones and the colors purple and violet have been treasured down the ages and used for healing, the garments of royalty and religious ceremonial vestments.

Violet and purple are becoming increasingly popular in color healing. Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned pioneer of research in the healing arts, especially iridology and color therapy, recognizes violet/purple as the highest of all colors for healing. He has found that the vibratory rate of purple and violet activates the pituitary gland.

He says: "This vibratory rate brings out all we need in order to put the body into harmony...Thinking of a person, praying for a person and projecting thoughts in the purple flame does a great amount of good..."

If you've read some of the Bible you might remember the story of Moses and the burning bush. 'And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.' (Exodus 3:2)

The bush wasn't consumed because it was a spiritual fire - the violet fire.

What Does Violet Flame Actually Do?

Mankind living in the world today assume that recorded history is what it is and that it cannot be changed. They have not reckoned with the violet transmuting flame. - El Morya

Violet fire has the power to transmute negative karma - this means to change the burdens of negative energy that we have accumulated through the ages into positive energy. We feel lighter, happier and we don't have to suffer through so many of the 'bad' aspects of life.

The violet ray is a tool to help us in our lives: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When called upon through mantras and visualizations, this spiritual fire restores the flow of light and energy in the body, mind and soul.

The violet flame consumes not only the outer manifestions of negative karma (the 'symptoms' that we see, such as ill health and financial trouble) but also its roots and causes (erasing the record of harm we have done others in this life or previous lives).

Its high vibration penetrates our nervous system, our heart, our entire physical body and psyche, going to the cause and core of disease or psychological/emotional problems and helping the healing process. It dissolves our negative thoughts and feelings on contact, turning them into positive and harmonious ones.

It's great for helping with relationship issues too.


The Violet Flame is a Game Changer!

If divine wholeness is your aim, there is absolutely no doubt in the world that violet fire can help you get there. I and many others are experiencing the power and joy of violet fire all the time. But there's no point in just taking my word for it.

Master Saint Germain has released this GIFT to us that you can try it out for yourself. If you don't like what you are now or what you see in others or in your environment, use this spiritual fire and watch things change! Experiment with it for a month, three months, even six months.

The violet flame will only do as much as you allow. Your life can be transformed over time, but only if you desire it and you're willing to make an effort.

This is why I created a monthly Violet Flame MEMBERSHIP Package which will do the following:

Energetic clearing and healing of your areas, homes, land and workspaces

Monthly Patter Clearing Program including Relationship, Financial Patter, Self Esteem, Personal Happiness, Body - Mind - Spirit blocks.

Monthly KARMIC Loops clearing - as they are allowed to heal in that moment in time.

Monthly Holisitc Healing Session

This is a long distance energy balancing facilitation. Experience clearances at all levels of body, mind, spirit and soul. Deeper relaxation and communication for natural healing to take place. This Healing Session is a stand alone modality that facilitates the body's own natural communication, balance and healing to emerge. It is based on the communication between body, mind and spirit. When we are young, it seems the communication is working great. However over time, the communication starts to break down for a variety of reasons. Muscle testing is used to determine where the communication has broken down between your body, mind and spirit. Then facilitation takes place to restore the broken down communication resulting in the body's innate ability to heal itself. A completet session normally cost about USD $95.00 and you are getting this services here as part of the monthly Violet Flame Package. These sessions have a tremendous value!!!

Clearning out your monthly talk, self-talk, thoughts, emotions and deeds which are not aligned with the will of the creator

Monthly information on how to optimize your Spiritual journey

Are you willing to change your life?

Are you willing to OPTIMIZE your life journey
Past - Present - Future?

Even this service is not countable in money, but for the time and efforts aone this would cost more than $199 monthly, but I wi`l`l give it to you for a fraction.

And you can cancel anytime.

Even better, once you have paid and don't see any changes within the first month, I will COMPLETELY refund your first payment!!

Yes - I am serious!!!

And, as the complete Clearing Package comes in partialy in adownloadable format you'll be able to receive it in your email around 2`4 - 48 hours after your payment...

... no matter what time of the day or night it is.

The Price is $199 but for a limited time a just give it away for very low price

But you have to act NOW to get it..

You get it for a HUGE DISCOUNT

For a Limited Special Discount price

Receiving the Monthly CLEARING Package Now

For Just

Please Note: You will receive the whole package via Email from me within the next 48 hours. You can cancel anytime!

To your New Life,

Tom OM

P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this program, where will you be weeks form now? Probably right where you are now. Positive change comes from new ideas. Get the persona freedom you want through the transformation provided in this program.

And most important - help yourself facilitate your life journey in general, as this package influences your cosmic journey over many incarnations and facilitates your Higher Self Realisation immense.

Would'nt you like to have increased energy, more focus for your personal goals and dreams, and a new ability to create what you really want? To make your life different, you must start to do things differently. Start today.

Act now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

"Tom's talents and wisdom are without parallel, and he is a true gem. All his programs, books, services and products are spectacular! I've been a HUGE fan of him for years, and his work has been invaluable in my personal and health development. He is in fact, my personal GURU, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

No matter how many good things I say about him, it wouldn't be enugh to cover all the wonderful things I think about him!"

Serena Collins, Ohio

I have benefited immensely from his Spiritual Programs and consultation about a variety of personal and professional topics.

Filled with infinite wisdom, depth and humor, Tom brings pure love and joy to everything he does. I have grown professionally and spiritually and have experienced exponential personal expansion through his wise counsel. Having been a acounseling professional for 18 years myself, it gives me great pleasure knowing that my own clients and students are reaping the benefits of the development I have achieved through my work with Tom in ore recent years.

Tom Om is the quintessential 'Chiropractor, Reiki Master, Spiritual Traveler' and a blessing to everyone who's life he touches.

Jeffrey Stuart, Florida

"Many years ago, I watched, in awe, as Tom Om demonstrated how to help a client removing J-Seals. I knew from the moment that something had changed in the energy field. As a Chiropractor, Reiki Master and Holistic Healer his confidence, skills, and professionalism shine through in everything he does. His teaching gave me the strong foundational structure I needed to launch my successful practice as a healing practitioner and instructor in holistic health.

Thank you, for the many ways you have blessed my life and growth as a person, a practitioner, and an instructor!"

Sandra Blake, Melbourne

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