999 Initiation INVITE:

Activate the 999 ENERGIES that Bring More Light
to  ALL Levels Of Your Being By Tapping Into Highest Dimensional  ASCENSION Energies from Shamballa…

Would you like to travel to the Lemurian Temple of TELOS to receive your initiation?

The greatest desire of Spiritual Aspirants is to
enter the Path Of Ascension

Normally it takes lifetimes to reach that portal
where you can start climbing the ladder.

Most people are still involved in Drama and Personal Issues of Karmic Repercussion and/or Daily Negativity.

As you will agree, there is Not Only ONE ASCENSION Path , but it always
starts with connecting back to Higher Levels of your Being.

I invite you to explore one VERY Effective Ascension System
which might meet your expectations.

It is called Luranis 999 Ascension Booster.


The distant Luranis High Energy Initiation In The Frequency 999 attunement aims to bring healing to all levels and your DNA and activates transformation of your entire body.

The energies of Luranis, a pure rainbow energy, are anchored in your 3rd and 5th chakras by Adama, the highest priest of the City of Light Telos. Adama is an ascended master from the Blue Ray and is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. He aims to assist humanity and the planet
with ascension and the raising of vibration.

“All Creatures And Things Are Spiritual Beings, Having A Manifest Experience. No Creature Or Thing Can Be Ever Divorced From Its Innate Spirituality, But Only
From The Awareness Of Its Nature.”


Instantly access the Power of 999!

Your package includes:

  • DNA activated for 5th dimension.
  • Healing and ascension.
  • Reach higher dimensions.
  • Increase intuition.
  • Live more in alignment with your soul ascension purpose.

How Does This Initiation come to you?

It all starts with Adama who is the a High Priest in the sacred Lemurian city of light called Telos, which located beneath Mount Shasta, California. 

He is head of the Lemurian Council of Light, and an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe and has True Inner Sight.

I did several High Frequency Activation already, but Luranis was the most effective initiation in terms of sensing it in my daily life. I had strange  dreams for more than 1 month. I guess that was related to the Telos initiation which was really an outstanding experience. Thanks a lot beloved friends. Namaste.

Crystal, Las Vegas, USA 

Adama and his Lemurian team work with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on the creation and maintenance of the crystalline grid arund our planet. 

He is a Blue Ray ascended master, a master of Love and Compassion who assists humanity with the ascension project. 

He embodies the “Heart of Lemuria”, the heart of love and compassion and the heart of the Divine Mother and the return of Christ consciousness to this planet.

He personally will transmit you the  healing symbol Luranis Telos.

Adama states that at this present time the energy of Lady Gaia and of people has increased very much and that the transition into the 5th dimension is now decided and approved in the Kingdom of light. 

He was authorized to anchor the healing symbol Luranis as well as information about its use. 

This rainbow energy is a code that opens the DNA for the New Age, bringing transformation of your entire body.  It is a symbol of healing, conversion, transformation and changing times for all levels of the human body and the Earth.

How will the initiation take place?

During this activation Adama takes you to the City of Light TELOS, where a ceremony of your initiation will be completed. 

The healing symbol LURANIS with its pure rainbow energy from the areas of EL SHADDAI will be anchored in your third and fifth chakras by Adama. 

If your soul lets it, it will bring healing on all levels, activate your DNA for the 5th dimension so that your transformation can begin. 

You will also receive the Luranis healing symbol, activated by intention to send healing to each sick being and creature.

I Added An COMPLEMENTARY BONUS For You,  which is the Blue DNA Activation to activate and release all
stress-related pattern and energy
the main 12 Strand DNA.  (Value $39)

With The Blue Light Body DNA Activation, Clearing and Attunement You Will Receive:

  • The first transmission clears out anything and everything that would adversely impact your ability to activate and integrate the Silicate Blue Light body and the accompanying attunements. 
  • The second transmission clears out cellular memory of negativity and counterproductive pattern.
  • The third transmission brings in a violet ray to clear out memories and trauma from your emotional body. 
  • The fourth transmission brings in an indigo gold ray to clear and repair the genetic codes for the DNA, RNA and ENA (ENA being the emotional level of the genetic coding). 
  • The fifth transmission is for the activation of the Blue Light body that activates and releases all stress-related pattern and energy from the main 12 Strand DNA.  
  • The sixth transmission is for the integration of these energies in your energetic body with ease and grace.


Your COMPLETE  Luranis 999 Ascension Booster Package Includes:


      •  Luranis 999 Ascension Initiation in Telos

      •  Luranis 999 Ascension Activation Certificate

      •  Luranis 999 Ascension Home Study Course with  attunement process

      • BONUS: Blue DNA Activation

      • POWERFUL Ascension Stimulation Frequencies #60 min.
        (with binaural beats and latest brain stimulation techniques)

      • My 4P Holographic Starter Process For Ascension (All in ONE)

 You will get this package
For A Limited Time For






I wish you great success on your ascension journey!



In Lak'ech,



P.S. The Luranis 999 is a high frequency energy and a wonderful tool for healing yourself on all levels.

P.S.S.  Wouldn't you like to have access to the power of Telos. This is a place where you truly belong and Master Adama is eager to transmit you the LURANIS power. To start the Ascension Process, you must start doing things differently as not dealing always with lower frequencies of your daily life . Your time is NOW.


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