• any external causes of what you present to the Teams, (entities, cording, etc)
  • ... most of the time, the causes will be internal, such as:
  • all LIEs, (Locked In & Associated With, Events … ex: soul-fragments & soul gateways, negative events, within or relating to what you show The Teams in the session)
  • at ALL levels
  • and all associated & related sacred geometry programs
  • imprints
  • karmic loops
  • portals
  • programs

  • vows
  • hexes, curses, spells
  • contracts, agreements
  • entities
  • discarnates, (people who died, but didn't transition over to the re-incarnation process)
  • neural nets
  • implants
  • wormholes
  • and all darkness around each LIE/soul fragment/event
  • and all damage …
  • at all dimensional levels & bodies …
  • throughout all lifetimes, including, past, present, future
  • and parallel, alternate timelines, and parallel and alternate universes, and all other simultaneous existences
  • and where applicable, all of these aforementioned things inherited from your parents & ancestral lineage, as well.
  • all false self personas & false identities from current & past lifetimes in this timeline, and all alternate & parallel lifetimes, and in alternate & parallel universes, including all programs/beliefs/mindsets as well as their respective imprints given to you by the matrix at all my levels, physical & non-physical bodies, throughout all aforementioned alternate & parallel selves
  • … and for all the aforementioned to include all times on all the non-physical planes of all respective simultaneous existences
  • plasma body … mental body … emotional body … astral body … etheric body … higher spiritual bodies, etc).

And when applicable (depending on what the issue/block is, that you present to The Teams in each session). 

  • all negative implants, nanites & devices at all levels and frequencies, affecting both your physical & non-physical aspects of:
  • your Endocrine, Neurological, and Central Nervous System and your corresponding hormones and physical health symptoms
  • and any & all replacement technologies, portals, source & entities associated with each implant or device … both internal and external
  • Clear all Soul Level blockages related to manifesting financial abundance permanently
  • increase or return the Source spark in your thymus… in the best way possible for you, in line with your higher self

And when applicable (depending on what the issue/block is, that you present to The Teams in each session).

  • all viral entities & Trans-lifetime entities of all levels
  • Genetic Karma, Ancestral & parental Vows … Agreements … Curses & Spells and any remaining imprints of the aforementioned
  • All Negative Unconscious Patterns
  • Archetypal Blocks and Restrictions (… the Martyr … the Rescuer … the Victim… the Oppressed … etc)
  • Trans-lifetime implants, devices & all other technologies… wormholes … portals.
  • any other kind of unconscious ancestral imprints - parental imprints
  • all down-stream effects of past choices in all lifetimes that did not honor your soul, true self & true purpose
  • All Negative Unconscious Patterns
  • all Gaia based vows … agreements … curses … spells … hexes … contracts not in line with – or negatively altered or manipulated against - your soul purpose … your higher self & mission with Gaia

The contents/tracks of the
full ICB Package, in the
following order, are:

(each bonus track does also take you up to the Beyond Multiversal Level Teams – for robust support)

Track 1. [1 hr 50 mins] Full Session
This is the complete Internal Compression Breakthrough session, including tracks (2-4) below + additional coaching and training from me.

Track 2. [61 mins] Core-work - The Mainstay of the ICB
This is the only track you would do on a regular basis. It's deep internal clearing of multiple types of blocks/issues, soul-fragment retrieval, soul gateway closing, all downstream effects/residuals of the aforementioned wounding, traumas, imprints, etc … on the central issue you present to the Teams & its core-cause.

Track 3. [26 mins] Non-physical bodies, Chakra work, AND respective Outer Auric Layers for each chakra
– all 13 inner & outer body chakra clearing (thought-forms, entities, programs & more) upgrade, tune-up, calibration & integration with all your non-physical bodies.

Track 4. [12 mins] Magnetic Field work – magnetic toroidal field for heart, head & whole body cleared, smoothed & its speed/frequency increased
(which also helps personal time-line ascension to a higher frequency grid of people … times … places … events … and resources for ideal goal manifestation).
Outer Auric Membrane & Dodecahedron Power Shield – sealing & strengthening of outer auric membrane & building of dodecahedron power shield, to better withstand & be free of external interferences for maintaining energy levels, avoiding ‘sticky’ attachments, lower level entities & better state of balance, calmness & stillness … A crucial prerequisite of being ‘in the now’, to receive, feel or hear Higher-Self guidance to manifest your desired ‘outer reality’/life situation.

Minimizing Physical Detox Symptoms of the Physical Organs. A lot of hydration is needed after such intense & comprehensive work. This extra bonus section helps deal with the usual dumping of the physical aspects of ‘that which you no longer need’.

Track 5. Bonus Track 1 - [39 min]
Chakra work AND respective outer auric layers of each chakra.
– great for keeping your chakras clear, tuned, balanced & optimized, and consistently upgrading them [when your Higher Self sees you need this, or are ready for it]. Increases clarity … calmness … balance … to allow for an easier time in spotting solutions (that are always there in front of you). Recommended: once a month (or once a week in certain cases).


Track 6. Bonus Track 2 [49 min]
ICB Stand Alone Chakra Work + respective outer auric layers + Magnetic Field & Physical Organ Detox.
As above … yet this track is also great for things like job interviews … important meetings … and other important occasions … or just to get you on a higher timeline for the day or weekend – so that things go better for you.


Track 7. Bonus Track 3 [26 min]
ICB Stand Alone Magnetic Field & Organ Detox.
When you’re in a hurry, or don’t have the time for either of the above 2 bonus tracks – this audio still helps you to ‘magnetize’ better things … avoid ‘not-so-good’ things … be balanced … and perform better. Just being with Beyond Multiversal Teams increases your frequency … often clears any entities from your fields … strengthens your aura to handle stress or negativity better … & is a great 26min stand alone meditation which puts you in the NOW moment and allows you to clearly feel the intuitive nudges from your Higher Self.

PDF Instruction Manual
For further support, clarity & ease-of-use!

Remember … doing the whole 1hr 50min full session track only needs to be done about once a month, to insure you get that ‘full system’ workout/make-over.


Go for it!

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